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About our services

As virtual assistants our main objective is to help make life easier for you while exposing ourselves to new opportunities to grow our talents and exceed expectations.

Over the last 10 years our main responsibilities have included: administrative duties, social media management and growth, content creation, original photography, brand management, online payments, scheduling, email handling, inbound and outbound calls, inventory, Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress maintenance, basic WordPress theme editing, managing calendars, customer care, customer retention, and daily admin tasks.

Below you will find three of our major fields of expertise and what each means. We are highly qualified virtual assistants, customer care representatives and content creators/social media managers. To see all we are proficient in, click here. To gain a copy of our portfolio – email us!

What we offer:


Any item that has a “see note below” you need to read here: If you are interested in us creating content for you, great! But do know there will be an extra charge if this content is made from scratch for this as creating quality content takes time and is not included in our regular packages as you are given a discount for choosing a package and this needs more time, love and work!

Also note: We am not interested in cold calling. But can do phone calls.

How can I help you?

With a strong background in all fields, we offer, we can help you in most areas of business. We are firm believers in trying everything at least once so if there is a task we haven’t done yet, we’ll try it! We’re efficient, reliable and offer flexible packages to suit almost every budget.  We also don’t take on too many clients at once so you can be sure you are getting reliable and quality work.

Why you should work with us!

Proud member of Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants.

While we understand there are a lot of options out there for assistants, customer care reps and content creation & social media management we am a little different —  we are experts in all of these fields. We dedicate all our time and resources to our clients and to the jobs and tasks given to us.

We don’t take on clients just to make money. We are passionate about the work we do and the relationships we form with my clients. We don’t end our day unless all our daily tasks are met and we expect and offer excellent communication and an open dialogue with our clients to ensure the best quality of work is done the first time and eliminate time, stress and confusion.

Once you sign on as our client we are available to you by e-mail, text, skype or phone. Although we do prefer long-term clients, we do appreciate short-term, one-offs and emergency work. So we are open to all.


Because we do offer multiple packages at different price points it’s important to discuss with us (via email or phone) what is needed and how we can help you.

You can see all our packages – HERE – We are also open to hourly work, short-term projects, and a different budget if you may have one. Please contact us below to discuss via phone or e-mail us today!